Don’t chuck your flip-flops, Fix ’em!

If you wear flip-flops, you know it’s not long until the strap starts popping through the sole. We all know how frustrating that can be, and your flip-flops are soon for the trash. With Pop-Stoppa, you can stop the pop and extend the life of your flip-flops.

Made from steel, this flip-flop repair tool is designed to outlast many pairs of flip-flops, and just $2 each they’ll pay for themselves in no time. They are great for the environment but will also save you money, it’s a win win!

Fits most cheap rubber flip-flops, does not fit adult Havaianas! Free shipping world-wide for 4 or more pieces!


Flip-flops; sandals; jandals; plakkies; thongs, whatever you call them, we love them! They are easily the most popular footwear around the world. Every year we go through Billions of pairs! Sadly, most of them aren’t recyclable, ending up in landfill and oceans where they can last for 1000 years leaching many toxic chemicals. This is a huge environmental issue which has only been getting worse.

Thankfully, there’s an increasing number of eco-friendly recycled and biodegradable rubber flip-flops hitting the market every year (here‘s just a few options). The sooner we switch to greener options the better.

However, the regular cheapo flip-flop isn’t going anywhere soon, and even the best flip-flops soften up and just when they are reaching peak comfort, the plug starts pulling through. Argh! So annoying, right? The thought behind this product is to address this single, everyday issue. If I can get this product out around the world and make 0.1% of flip-flops last just 20% longer, that tiny slowing of the purchase cycle would save millions of pairs every year.


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Do they work?

Yes! I’ve given them a real thrashing for months now and they haven’t let me down yet.

Do they fit all flip-flops?

Sadly no. Pop-Stoppa don’t currently fit adult Havaianas. Pop-Stoppa fit almost all other normal flip-flops including child Havaianas. It was a tough decision which boiled down to fitting adult Havaianas or basically every other brand.

Should I make a large size to fit the other flip-flops?
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Are they discreet?

Yes! Fitting under your flip-flops, not even you will know you’re wearing them.

Why not just use a bread clip?

Because they break after a couple of uses, leaving 2 pieces of plastic in the environment and you stranded with a busted flip-flop.

What if my plug has ripped off?

At this stage Pop-Stoppas  are powerless in the case of a lost plug. There is another Aussie who has a solid looking solution. I do have some ideas for a separate device to solve the problem, what do you think? 

Should I develop a separate unit to fix a missing plug?
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Can they be used with new flip-flops?

The problem is that Pop-Stoppa work so well, if you have a serious stumble with them in place, there’s a good chance the plug will rip right off, then your flip-flops have had it. For this reason I suggest to only use them on older flip-flops.